A simple, fast, easy HTML form builder

Simfatic Forms is a simple, fast & easy HTML form builder software. You can use Simfatic Forms to build HTML forms quickly & easily without writing any code.

Simfatic Forms can generate both the HTML Form code as well as the server-side script.

Build the form just by the press of a few buttons

You just have to choose the input elements that you need in the form. Simfatic Forms generates the HTML code for the form.

There are features in Simfatic Forms that allows building the form quickly. For example, the 'quick set' feature allows you to quickly add frequently required form elements to the form.

Add server side processing without writing any code

Simfatic Forms support a number of Server-side processing options. The options include:

and more ...!

html form builder : server side options

Installing the form on the server is also easy

Installing the form on the server also is equally painless using Simfatic Forms. Simfatic Forms can upload the script to the web server, make the required folders and install the form on the server.

Still more features

Simfatic Forms has still many more features that you would love to have in a form builder software.